Taking Appearance Seriously

The Dynamic Way of Seeing
In Goethe and European Thought

By Henri Bortoft

Floris Books 2012
235 pages; paperback, $29.95
ISBN 978-086315-927-5



Into the Dynamic Way of Thinking

1. A Different Approach to Wholeness

Introduction to Phenomenology

The Act of Distinction

The Illusion of Independent Existence

2. Goethe and Modern Science

The Beginnings of Modern Science

The Temple of the Sun

Galileo and the New Science

Descartes Seeks Foundations

Newton and the Mathematical Physics of Nature

Goethe Returns to the Senses

Goethe and the Bimodal Brain

3. Goethe and the Dynamic Unity of Nature

The Idea of Metamorphosis

Protean Thinking

Goethe and Schelling

The Self-Differencing Organ

Becoming other in order to Remain Itself

The Archetypal Movement

Modes of Unity and the Bimodal Brain

4. The Philosophy of Unfinished Meaning

The Common Sense View

The Dynamic Approach

Aristotle and the Unitary Event

The Event of Understanding

The Hermeneutic Reversal

The Problem of Multiple Meaning

The One and the Many

The Act of Saying

Self-Differences in Meaning

Organic Hermeneutics

The Enhancement of Being

5. Catching Saying in the Act

Disclosure and Representation

Introduction into Language

Language and World

The Fallacy of the Proposition

6. Taking Appearance Seriously