Henry Barnes

A Constellation of Human Destinies

Adonis Press, 2008
ISBN 978-0932776-38-9
127 pages; paperback; $17.50


Henry Barnes, at 96, completed this memoir shortly before his death on September 18th, 2008. He writes about his childhood and youth and his fateful meeting with anthroposophy and Waldorf education. He then goes on to describe highlights of his work at the Rudolf Steiner School and for the Anthroposophical Society. The book concludes with chapters on his old age and the two companions—his wife Christy Barnes and her sister Arvia Ege—whose lives, together with his own, formed a unique constellation of human destinies. Another section of this book includes memories of friends, former students, colleagues and family which throw light on this remarkable individual from many different points of view. Photographs taken at all ages add poignancy to this memoir of one of the great leaders of the Waldorf and anthroposophical movements in the last half of the 20th century.




A Constellation of Human Destinies

Childhood and Youth

My Work Begins

Serving the Anthroposophical Society          


Memories of Family, Friends, former Students and Colleagues

Old Age

Christy MacKaye Barnes

Arvia MacKaye Ege

Thoughts on this Constellation of Destinies