About Formative Forces in the Plant World

By Dick van Romunde

Published by Jannebeth Röell, 2003
ISBN 0-9675056-1-5
163 pages; hardcover; $28.00



About Formative Forces in the Plant World is a systematic and strictly phenomenological study of the formation of leaves and blossoms in flowering plants.  The text is accompanied by numerous beautiful colored illustrations.  Carefully following the form of leaf after leaf, Romunde uncovers basic patterns underlying leaf and blossom formation.  In doing so, he leads the active reader toward an experience of the creative form-producing potential of the plant.  Those who make the effort to inwardly participate in the formative movements Romunde points to will be richly rewarded. 

  1. Parallel Veined Leaf Structures
  2. Radiant Veined Leaf Structures
  3. Feather Veined Leaf Structures
  4. Structures of Calyxes and Involucra
  5. Petal Structures
  6. Multilateral Symmetry in Flowers
  7. Bilateral Symmetry in Flowers

Concluding Contemplation

Clarification of Botanical Terminology