The Dandelion’s Cousin 

By Gertrude Teutsch

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Adonis Press, 2004
ISBN 0-932776-31-0
8.5 x 11; 36 pages; hardbound; $13.75



Book Description

This beautifully illustrated children’s book was created out of Gertrude Teutsch’s love for the harethistle (genus Sonchus), a tall relative of the dandelion, which grew around her home. As a gifted mother, teacher, and artist, she found a way of presenting the development of this plant to children through a delightful story-book.  Her pictures and narrative enter imaginatively into the various stages and formations of the plant and bring them vividly alive.  This book will engender a love for and lively interest in nature — a wonderful resource for parents as well as kindergarten and lower grades teachers. 

“Here undoubtedly lies the chief poetic energy: —in the force of imagination that pierces or exalts the solid fact, instead of floating among cloud-pictures.”              — George Eliot (Daniel Deronda)

“I have always loved plants. Seeing this despised weed develop so many different forms intrigued me as an artist. Nature is a wonderful teacher!”   ―Gertrude Teutsch


 This is a delightful picture book for children.  Through a beautifully illustrated sequence of pages we make the lively acquaintance of the harethistle, the tall and lanky cousin of the dandelion.  Children will learn to love this plant as they participate in its growth from inconspicuous seed leaves through its transformative leafing and shooting stages to its culmination in prolific blossoming and fluffy seeding. 

 This children’s book will do more to instill a wholehearted love for nature than any number of intellectual ecological explanations or sentimental fantasies.

Some Pages from the book: