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Adonis Press publishes and promotes books on Goethean phenomenological participatory science: a science that moves from the investigation of discrete objects in space to conscious participation in transformational processes over time, to the apprehension of essential qualities. It also offers essays, poetry,  and other literary works.

Adonis Press is a branch of the Hawthorne Valley Association, a nonprofit corporation in Ghent, New York.

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What is qualitative science?

 By John Barnes

We live in a science-based culture dominated by measurements, graphs, statistics and calculations. The more we think in terms of quantity, however, the more we value the richness of qualitative experience which we seek for in nature, the arts, in religious experience and in human relationships as an inwardly fulfilling, yet elusive antidote to our obsession with numerical accuracy. In the end, most of us would choose quality over quantity. But “subjective” qualitative experience is discounted in our “objective” science-based culture. Indeed it is thought of as the antithesis of scientific objectivity. Is there—can there even be—such a thing as qualitative science?



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